Dansk version: her.

I offer: IT-support for every member of the CLB discord. I do this because not everybody has the means to get the help they might need, not without it costing them money.

I have 10+ years of work experience and around 20+ years of total IT experience.
During my time I've helped people with everything from setting up cellphones to help guide people to the right laptop for their needs and helping find out what a problem is caused by if you're having issues with your hardware.

I offer IT-support for free.

Underneath is a step-by-step guide to getting your role after joining the discord.

How do I get my member role on your discord?

If you're not on the server, join via the widget above.
Look for the Cuddly Little Controlpanel.

Pick the #announcements channel and look at the first post, you need to react to the post with the thumbs up to get your member role.

After that you should be able to see the #tech channel, jump into it and type !support - I will answer when I can.

— fzlr.io revised 1/31/2023.